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January 10th, 2003


Close to You

A clip from Neil Gaiman's movie MIRRORMASK.


Lord of The Rings - they're taking the hobbits to isengard

A hilarious techno-dance remix of clips from the LOTR trilogy made by some crazy guys who did a helluva good job at editing.

The Haneps - Breakfast @ Studio 23

Musically good vibrations by some very hanep men ... guys ... boys ... i mean, ah basta! Hanep sila ^_^

*That's my man on the drums, btw. <3


I saw this clip years ago and I'm just happy that now I have the link I can get to watch it over and over and over again...

These guys are so cool!

The Neverending Story

The Neverending story (1984) classic fantasy movie trailer

I am so glad that I got to watch this when I was young. I'm sure that kids nowadays who are so used to CGI won't appreciate this kind of movie if they watch it now.

Neverending Story music video

Have you ever seen this music video? Grabe, the singer is just so gay that I could not really focus on the movie clips. He was just so distracting!

Robot Chicken: Neverending Party!

Putsa laftrip.

The Labyrinth

Movie trailer

Let's travel more back in time and reminisce about hw such movies such as this one gave us kids back in the 80's a real treat on imagination and make-believe.

David Bowie - Dance Magic


"Time Piece" Jim Henson Short Film 1965