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Red Cap

He took his time stealing glances
I pretended I didn't see
He didn't take risky chances
Well, neither did me

He stroked his red cap casually
I stroked my hair unknowingly
He played his cool
While playing pool
Hitting balls aimfully

I didn't care
With those flirtatious stares
But I found myself unsure
It's been a while
Since I've felt styles
Assuming is the last I want to be

He disappeared I noticed
And noticing that I noticed
A curious state this was
I didn't bother to look further
And the drinks went downer
Soon then I needed to pee

I headed for the loo
Bumped into, guess who?
The white boy in the red cap
He stumbled as I passed
I did a silent laugh
That was enough for my ego booster

Not the kind of rhyme pattern I was aiming for but who cares?!