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A Dreamer's Tale of Blabberness

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16 April 1980

It is not who you want to be, but who you already are

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Date Created:2003-07-15
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Born Filipino. Has Korean and Visayan ancestry. Raised by an American liberal minded father. Highly inspired by her late beautiful mother. Blessed with the universal language of music and song. Dances to the full moon. Wades in richly detailed dreams. Treasures friendships and memories hidden under a waterfall. Loves to love and be loved. Fragile yet strong. Has reached the quarter-life crisis without any crisis uprising the soul just yet. Feels life. Breathes Life. Loves LIFE. Naughty...wicked...bitchy...saint. that's what she's most likely ain't. think the opposite, then you'll see, it's most of what makes up sweet lil ol' she. but deep inside this angel-child, lies the devilish whip who can get so wild. so think twice, if u wanna treat her nasty or nice. for she easily knows how to crack you like ice.
Strengths: LOVE. Ego trips. holding her breath under water. she's strong in both mind and body when she EATS! she loves playing & being with kids 'coz she's still a kid at heart. she believes she is NOT human.
Weaknesses: LOVE. Ego trips. the capability to lose weight. discipline. does not know how to cook. bags, toy shops & McDonald's Big Breakfast meals. pretty boys. a cry-baby. gotta smell perfume bottles at the malls no matter how many there are on the rack. Strangely involves herself in a handful of car accidents. Hemophobia (on TV, not realistically which is really weird).
Special Skills: playing the piano, guitar, singing and dancing all at the same time. bending her fingers at the joints to the opposite direction. wearing eye contacts 24/7 without any eye irritations. able to create a long mass of shit that won't flush down the dang toilet.
Weapons: Her charms & looking younger than she really is. Seemingly innocent and naive. long massive-sounding farts that shatter the glass windows (now she knows someone else who took this top spot). flying high-kicks. she used-to-have hairy legs that could tickle you to death if she wrapped them around yours. Wiggly cheeks and booty shaking.
WARNING:: Smoking is dangerous to your health. (a personal reminder...*bonks head) >She's a Ringer (LOTR freakazoid) and proud of it!

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